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Virgil Pickney is an up and coming gospel recording artist, pastor and entrepreneur that is driven by his love, zeal and passion for Christ. He was born on April 29th 1970 at St. Francis Hospital. Virgil lived in Long Beach, CA with his mother and two siblings for the majority of his life, up until the age of 18 where he then set out to join the Army with a goal to earn money to go to school. He served in the military for four years and was privileged to live all over the globe, not knowing that later in life he would again be a soldier but this time it would be for Christ, serving in the army of the Lord. While growing up, his mother was the most influential person in his life. It was from her that he learned to love and appreciate the art of music. As time progressed, music became therapy for him, a form of escape. Today, at this point in his life, his biggest influence is Yahweh God. Religion is his life. Everything he is and does is based on his faith. His main goals in life outside of being a disciple for Christ, are leading by example for his wife and children and leaving a legacy behind just for them. As he continues to go through this process called life and continues to stand on the solid foundation that he started on, with Yahweh at the forefront, he knows that the only thing left now for him to do is win.

Lamar Green was born in York Nebraska at the York's Women’s Correctional Facility. His Mother’s home at the time was Minneapolis, MN. But her numerous clashes with the law landed her in prison at the time of Lamar’s birth. After being released from prison Lamar’s mother Barbara-Ann, returned to Minneapolis to rejoin Lamar and his 2 Sisters. For a few years Lamar’s mother would remain clean from drugs and alcohol but would return to her drug addiction resulting in Lamar and his sisters to go in and out Foster homes. Lamar later moved where his Grandparents had made their home in Waterloo Ia. Lamar Green would live with his Grandparents until the age of 16. Lamar Green would later move to Long Beach, CA. in 1991. His love for Rap music pushed him to pursue a music career at the age of 14 and that passion would stay with him into his late teens and 20’s. As Lamar explains it, his troubled past with his mother, drug usage, flamboyant living, and just running with the wrong crowd definitely set him on a pathway to prison and or the morgue. In 2002 a Pastor challenged Lamar Green’s faith and belief in God. This caused Lamar to study the bible and become a born-again believer in Christ. Lamar Green now serves as an assistant Pastor at Angel City Café in Bellflower, CA. where he outreaches to the community thru the Christian Performing Arts. He is a Husband and Dad of 2. Interestingly, this is Lamar Green’s 1st Christian Hip Hop project. “I figured if Father God wanted me to do music again, he would make it evident and so He definitely made it evident because this project came so easy to us”. With Lamar’s Midwest beginnings and strong West Coast influence, the impact in his Hip Hop style is clear. Some of the major infuences in his life are his Faith in the Most High, his Mother, Jay, Grandparents, and Anne and Heath Moore who encouraged him to want more out of life.

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